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Bobby Edge on VINYL!

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Bobby Edge and Bypolar Records announce the instant classic album  Algorithm and Blues will be released on delicious (and nutritious!) vinyl, available for pre-sale on Friday Sept. 15th!

Bobby Edge has crafted a sound akin to a modern day Brian Wilson, but with a punk sensibility honed from years touring with bands like the Jukebox Romantics.   It varies between lush densely crafted reverb tinged 60's surf to hardcore sounds straight from today's sonic landscape.  All delivered with Bobby's inimitable style of humble wit and canny observation.   One critic instantly called it his "favorite album of 2023" immediately upon release.  

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But Wait! There's More!

Bobby heads out on the road starting September 22, heading out from New York and following a route plotted on his first Jukebox Romantics tour.   Like the album it supports, it is the perfect combination of nostalgia and modernism.  A throwback to fond memories while creating a plethora of new!

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With the physical album still weeks away, Bypolar has a plan for all of you catching the band on tour.  A pre-sale of the album will be available at the show via QR code and will ship immediately once in stock! There will be no shipping charged to anyone purchasing the pre-sale at the show.  It will be exactly like buying a copy from the man himself at the Merch table without the hassle of carrying a record around all night, bending the corner of the cover and getting it covered in vodka and soda!   Sounds pretty great? Well the music is even better than this deal!   Check Bobby out at the socials below.  Give a like, a follow, a burrito at the show, all the love! Catch a night to remember on this tour and an album that will endear you to Mr. Edge and have you listening  for years to come.

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Grab Algorithm and Blues on tour or pre-order starting Sept 15 at

Bypolar Records Website 

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